Discover the land of the Thunder Dragon!
We have tracked down several unique itineraries for you in the land of the Thunder Dragon.
A voyage in Bhutan should not solely consist of the Flying Tiger’s Nest monastery or Timphu and Punakha’s Dzong, that is why we want you to discover the people of Bhutan and their particular way of life.
The Royal Family along with young ministers, are making successful efforts to develop their country.
Even the most remote of farms use motorised cultivators and electric harvesters. Schooling is free and the education taught is of good quality.
Every household has electricty.
In Bhutanese society women and men are considered equals.
Even with these developments, the sacred trumpets and conch shells echo in the hills , women wear the traditional Kira and the men the Gkho.
Bhutan is a Himalayan kingdom which has taken the best of the modern world without losing its soul !


An Exceptional Voyage in Bhutan, 7 days

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Chomolhari Trek, 13 days

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Following Drukpas footsteps- Bhutan 10 days

Like all Himalayan countries, Bhutan is a paradise for hikers. The trail elevates from the lush valley of Paro through the connifer forest till the mountain passes and the yak… ( More...)

Samtengang  , 8 days in Bhutan

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