The Crystal mountain
Discover Dolpo’s lost valleys and hidden villages far from any motorways. Trek over high mountain passes and to the marvellous turquoise Phoksundo lake, renowned because of the movie Caravan by Eric Valli.
To the West of the Dhaulagiri you will find the highlands that make up Dolpo, its lands are seperated by a vast network of deep valleys of 3500 and 4000m.
Each valley is connected by mountain passes over 5000m !
The region is part of the Shey-Phoksundo national park, where you will find Himalayan blue sheeps and more than anywhere else you might have a chance to see the elusive snow leopard.

The Dol-pa, people of Dolpo, are of Tibetan origin, they live from agriculture, yak breeding and bartering medicinal plants with Tibet.
The monsoon does not affect this region, there is only 400mm of precipitation on average per year in Dolpo ! The lansdcapes are arid, vegetation is rare, you will find birch trees planted by the villagers. The population of Dolpo is only around 4500 !
Here you will find the most autthentic form of Tibetan buddhism.
According to the legend, Guru Rimpoche came to Dolpo to chase away three demons.

The Dhaulagiri Circuit is a challenging trek with long hiking days in high altitudes far away from civilisations
Trek in this isolated region if you are a fanatic of high altitudes and deserted landscapes.


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