Kanchenjunga- Lumbasumba
Kanchenjunga, in the East of Nepal, is a neighbour of Sikhim, India.
Kanchenjunga is the third highest summit of the world which is actually composed of 4 different summits. The massif holds 11 summits from 7 to 8000m, one being the Jannu , a sacred mountain to the Rai and Limbu people. The Janu’s 3000m vertical slope is a true challenge to its climbers !

The region is populated by two main ethnic groups , the limbus and the rais. There are also Gurungs and Sherpas.
The region is well known for its cardamon farming, the dried fruit is used in large amounts in Indian and Nepali kitchens.

The treks around the Kanchenjunga range from 1000m to 5000m, start at the lowlands to the yak pastures ! You will come across very few trekkers, if any. The trail takes you through beautiful forests to the foothill of the Himalayas.
Accomodation is done only in tents.
Be a witness to the breath taking sunset and sunrise on the Kanchenjunga and the Jannu.

The Lubasumba Is a new region which just opened to trekkers.

This itineraryallow you to join the LumbaSumba region to the Makalu.
The trail starts in the terraced fields to the Tibetan village, Olangchunga and up higher to 5100m the Lumbasumba pass. Downhill through Rai and Limbu villages in the Arun valley. Splendid view of the snowy mountains close by.
This itinerary is part of the Great Himalayan Trail, which crosses Nepal from East to West.


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