Meet fascinating people, Tibetans, learn all about their traditions and religion.

Visit monasteries the size of a city, turquoise coloured lakes and revel in the endless horizons and mountains covered in everlasting snow. Tibet will offer you the most majestic sites you will ever see!

Discover a different type of faith where pilgrims and pious walk on hundreds of kilometres to visit the Jokhand or even complete Mt.Kailash’s kora.


Kathmandu to Lhassa 8 days

Arriving in Tibet by road is the perfect opportunity to approach the Tibetan people and learn about their way of life. The road will take you from the lush hills… ( More...)

Central Tibet, 16 days T3

Discover the Tibetan culture and the lifestyle of these highlands. In this itinerary you will visit the most important site of Lhassa before going to Ganden, the monastery city. 5… ( More...)

Guje’s Kingdom and mt. Kailash , 16 days

A mythical journey around Kailash, a sacred mountain to Hindus and Buddhists. From the Nepali hills to the Tibetan plateau. The air up there is pure,  a beautiful high altitude… ( More...)

Tibetan Pilgrimage 13 days

A genuine pilgrimage to the most sacred sites of Tibet,  all the way from Lhassa to the Tibetan border. Meet the Tibetan people and learn about their culture and traditions.… ( More...)