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The legend says that the Kathmandu valley was a lake where only a lotus flame gave life. Manjushree, a saint from Tibet, had come to worship the flame, in order to do so, he took his sword and sliced the Chobar hill, creating a gorge that drained the lake. People settled in the fertile lands of the Kathmandu valley. One of the versions of this legend says that a shepherd king later, built a stupa on top of a hill for this flame, now known was Swayambunath.
To this day Swayambunath still exists on a hill overlooking the valley, the pious turn around the base of the hill and the stupa chanting mantras surrounded by monkeys who had invaded the hill !

The Newar people who are now acknowledged as the original inhabitants of the valley, actually descended from various race and ethnic groups that inhabited the valley, they are now regarded as a seperate ethnic group who have managed to maintain their culture and traditions thanks to a strict way of life.
Patan, city of art, was a buddhsit education center, it is believed to be the oldest buddhsit city of Asia. Four stupas at the cardinal points of the city protect the Golden temple, the Royal palace’s square and the art museeum showcasing some of the most exquisite hand work of Nepal.
Bhaktapur a city which depended on agriculture the longest is inhabited mostly by Newar Jhapus. This is a true city of temples, one of the them being the famous 5 roof pagoda : Nyatapola. Bhaktuapur is a UNESCO protected site.
In Bouddha you will walk around one of the biggest stupas of Asia in a clockwise direction with Tibetan refugees, monks, nuns and Sherpas reciting their prayers. Numerous monasteries to visit.
Pashupatinath, a sacred site for Hindus world wide, this is where cremations take place by the river, the site offers many temples and the chance to meet Sadhus, renunciants.
Why not visit the birth place of Buddha, Lumbini, and the site of the palace of his parents in Kapilavitsu on the way to Bardia National Park.
Make an excursion to Pokhara, for a relaxed stay by the lake with the Himalayas in the background.
We offer you the possibility of hiring a car with a driver and be accompanied by a cultural guide for a day or more in the Kathmandu valley so you can better understand the richness of the art, culture and traditions of Nepal and its people.
GST also organises cycling trips in the valley and out !
Contact us for all the possibilities of a charming stay in Nepal.


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