Terai is a subtropical region in Nepal, with an altitude of 60 to 300m it is considere the low lands of Nepal situated in the South on the planes of the Ganges. The ideal season to go there is from November to March, because it is a plane at such low altitudes, the spring and autumn seasons are hot and humid making it uncomfortable for travels. Till the 1960’s the people of Terai had to suffer from Malaria (except for the Tharu people who are said to be resistant to Malaria!) until a government campaign was launched, spraying insecticide, draining swamps and clearing forests.
Terai has developed economically because of its flat lands with fertile soil, allowing easy road constructions and transportation.
Tharu people are the first inhabitants of the region who came from the planes of the Ganges and Rajasthan. They predominantly live off of agriculture, fishing and hunting.
It is in the Terai region that Buddha was born in Lumbini in 562 B.C as well as Sita, the wife of Rama, from the Ramayana the epic Sanskrit poem.

A Safari trip includes:
Jungle walks with a naturalist guide.
Elephant safaris
4 wheel drive Safaris
River safari by boat
Visit of Tharu villages
And sometimes cultural dances.

We recommend :
Your stay to be 2 nights at most 4.
Pack mosquito repellent, dark colour clothings, warm clothes for the nights and early mornings during winters and binoculars.