Nepali Culture : Bel Biha (Wedding of Newari Girls to a Fruit )

Bel Biha the Nepali culture traditional ceremony in the Newari community in Nepal.
Girls are married to the Bel fruit which represents the Lord Vishnu/Kumar.
Newari girls are married three times in their lives, the first with the Bel fruit, the second with the Sun and the third with their human husband.

The marriage to the Bel fruit takes place as a real wedding, with the same rituals and traditions, except that several girls will marry the same day in a community, the wedding lasts three days.

The God Vishnu/Kumar is eternal and immortal, the girls are married to him so that if one day their human husband is found dead she will not have to suffer the ostracism that widowed women do in some cultures ( like Brahmin culture for example).