Successful Climbs to Everest after 2 years!

Successful Climbs to Everest after 2 years!2014 and 2015 were difficult years for those working on and hoping to climb the giant, because of avalanches, Everest was closed for climbing for two consecutive years.

This year the first team to reach the summit were the ‘Icefall doctors’, Sherpas who work hard to set up ladders and fix ropes for the expeditions of the season.
This year 2016 a little more than 200 people have scaled the summit.

The ideal weather for the climb is very short and only happens once a year in May this is why so many people concentrate in one location for the ascent of their life!

This year 289 climbers obtained permits, they will be accompanied with over 400 Nepali staff: guides, porters and cooks.
The permit fee is 11 000 USD excluding the organization costs.