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Travelling to Bhutan is usually a once in a life time occurence, for that , an itinerary should offer you more than consecutive visits of dzongs and monasteries. 

Our itinerary  offers you the chance to visit the main sites of the country but also to meet the Bhutanese people and learn about their culture and lifetstyle.

Our guides will teach you about the country’s history, its legends and its culture. The life style of the Bhutanese is still directed by  religious ceremonies from birth to death. Their buddhism remains different from that of its neighbours, Nepal and Tibet.

Meet Bhutanese farmers during your strolls in the countryside off the beaten tracks and learn about their work dictated by the seasons.

During these stroll you will discover the unique architecture of of bhutanese farms ; imposing structures with large wooden beams painted in bright budhist colours and symbols.

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April, May and September to November


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    Day 1 Flight allong the Himalayan chain from  Kathmandu to Paro.
    Vechicle to  Thimphu. Visit the Memorial chörten and market.
    Day 2 Thimphu
    Visite Changka Lhakang  where Bhutanese children receive their first names.
    Visit the Art School of Timphu, and a typical Bhutanese farm.
    Bhutanese Lunch.
    Hike in the countryside for the afternoon.
    Visit Tashi Choe.
    Day 3 From Thimphu to Punakha by the  Docha la
    View of the Himalayas from the Docha La pass, 3100m. Visit Punakha’s Dzong    at the confluence of the two rivers.
    Discover the Crazy Divine’s monastery, a curious character.
    Day 4 Hike from village to village
    Hike in a valley East of Punakha. Here you will not meet any toursits, we have personally tracked down an itinerary for you ! The path takes you throuhg fields and farms, an enchanting stroll for all.
    Day 5 Paro.
    Back to Paro . Stroll and shop in the city’s streets.
    Visit the National Museem for those who wish.
    Day 6 Excursion to the Flying Tiger monastery , Taktsang Hermitage.
    Hike in a pine forest and down to a groge to the famous Flying Tiger monastery. the Taksang Hermitage View of the this incredible architecture.
    Day 7 Flight to Kahtmandu
    From the 8000m of Kanchenjuna to Everest.
    What a flight !


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