Insurance Information

Insurance Information

Do I really Need an Insurance?
Yes it is compulsory for you to have an insurance if you travel with GST and wise to have one if you travel on your own.

What type of Insurance contract do I need?
Your insurance must cover mountain rescue by helicopter and repatriation to your country of residency. Make sure the altitude that you are at during your trek is not a cause of excluding the rescue.
Verify the amount covered by the insurance, keeping in mind that a helicopter rescue in Nepal is a minimum of 2500 USD.

If you are travelling for more than 3 months know that most insurance companies consider you an expatriate after the 90 days limitation, your contract would be void from there on.

If you are mountaineering (climbing a peak or a mountain) you need a contract which covers search and rescue by helicopter in mountainous terrain.


I have a Credit/Debit Card Insurance.
For your credit/debit card insurance to function on your travels you must pay your plane ticket with this card. But to our knowledge and experience there are no credit card insurances; covering both search and rescue.

We do not accept these insurance companies because of repeated neagative experiences with them:

Vieux Campeur

Visa Premier


Which insurance companies do you recommend?
Europ Assistance (
Global Rescue ( link )
Because of their rapid, precise and efficient responses.