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A mythical journey around Kailash, a sacred mountain to Hindus and Buddhists.

From the Nepali hills to the Tibetan plateau. The air up there is pure,  a beautiful high altitude lumonisity makes all colours and shadows appear vivid and photogenic.

To the South the snowy Himalayas follow  you along your journey.

Discover Guje’s kingdom, ruins and troglodytes cave ( cave dweller) shelters impressive murals.

Four day hike with Tibetan pilgrims around the Mt.Kailash.

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May to September


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Day 1 From Kathmandu to Nyalam.
Day 2 From Nyalam to Saga
Day 3 From Saga to Paryang
Day 4 From Paryang to Manasarovar
Day 5 From Manasarovar toTirtapuri
Day 6 From Tirthapuri to Thôling (200km)
Day 7 From Thöling to Tsaparang (21km) and back Tholing.
Day  8 From Toling to Darchen (274km)
Day 9 From Darchen to Dira-puk (6h of walk)
Day 10 From Dira-puk to  Zutrul Phuk (5h of walk)
Day 11 From Zutrul Phuk to Darchen (3h of walk)
Day 12 From Darchen to Paryang (300km 11h of route)
Day 13 From Paryang  to Saga. (255km, 10h of route)
Day 14 From Saga to Nyalam
Day 15 From Nyalam to Kathmandu (200km, 9h of route)
Day 16 From Tingri Zhangmu to Kathmandu

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