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An adventure to the highest inhabited regions of the Himalayas.

Trek on a perilous trail along the turquoise Phoksundo lake, you will reach over 5000m at the Kang La pass.

The crystal mountain’s access is only for the deserving and persevering trekkers.
We enter a different realm. A handful of people of tibetan origin insist on living in these high lands.

Shey and Shaldang’s monastery still practice their morning rituals with their loud trumpets and conchs. Far away from Kathmandu and the Chinese, the Dolpo-pa continue their commerce with the Tibetans.

You will come across yak caravans loaded with chinese goods, tibetan salt or indian spices.

Here , more than anywhere else, the Tibetan culture continues to amaze us.

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April to October


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    Day 1 From Kathmandu to Nepalgang
    Day 2 From Nepalgang to Dunaï,2140m.
    Day 3 From Dunaï to Rohagaon, 2970m.
    Day 4 From Rohagaon to Regi, 2940m.
    Day 5 From Regi to Ringmo, 3103m.
    Day 6 Ringmo.
    Day 7 From Ringmo to the Phosundo Khola, 3100m.
    Day 8 From the Phosundo Khola to Kang la BC, 4130m.
    Day 9 From Kang la BC to the bottom of the pass, 4820m.
    Day 10 From the bottom of Kang la to Shey Gompa, 4160m.
    Day 11 From Shey to Namgung, 4430m.
    Day 12 From Namjung to Saldang, 3770m.
    Days 13, 14 15, 16,17,18 Long the Namjung Khola till Dho, 4040m.
    Day 19 From Dho to Nauri Odar, 3900m.
    Day 20 From Nauri Odar to Lahini, 3200m.
    Day 21 From Lahini to Tarakot, 2537m.
    Day 22 From Tarakot to Jufaal, 2353m.
    Day 23 From Jufaal to Kathmandu.



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    Take advantage of our discounts on all Langtang treks to discover this valley taking you up to the foothills of the snowy peaks.


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