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A comprehensive itinerary allowing you to discover Tsum’s valley and its people’s tibetan culture and traditions. Exceptional trail with several off the beaten trails excursions.

You will visit Mu Gompa ( monastery) and its northern region. Day’s hike in the Himalayan forests and glaciers, where lives the elusive snow leopard and up to the Ganesh Himal base camp.

Meet the people of Dumje and the villagers of Nyle.
Visit the tibetan medicine center managed and owned by the amchi who might let you in on some of her secret plants and recipes. Une vraie rencontre avec les habitants de Dumje, de Nyle. Visite du petit centre de médecine tibétaine de Nyle avec l'amchi. Make aquaintance with the nuns of the Lungdang monastery off the beaten tracks.

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March to April and September to November


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    Day 1 From Katmandu (1300m) to Arughat, 570m
    Day 2 From Arughat to Lapu Bensi
    Day 3 From Lapu to Dhoban ,1070m
    Up along the Burhi Gandaki river,  subtropical vegetation : banana trees, pineapple and hibiscus.
    Day 4 From Dhoban to Phillim, 1570m
    Day 5 From Phillim to Ripchet 2470m
    Higher up the narrow gorges of the Burhi Gandaki, now a mountain torrent, and up along the Shyar Khola gorges.
    Day 6 From Ripchet to Chekam Paro 3031m
    Up along a  large path to the first village of higher Tsum.
    Day 7 From Chekam to Nyle 3361m
    We are now on a plateau amongst the snowy peaks of the Ganesh Himal. Visit the nun’s monastery, Rachen Gompa.
    Day 8 From Nyle to Mu gompa,  3700m and Lama gaon 3302m
    Up to Mu Gompa on a trail that leads to the Tibetan border . POssibility to climb up to 4000m above the monastery for an exceptional view ! Visit Milarepa’s cave in Lama Gaon.
    Day 9 From Lamagaon to Lungdang gompa 3200m
    Up throuh a forest to Lungdang where nun’s live in peace amonst birds, mouflons and leopards !
    Day 10 From Lungdang to the Ganesh Himal base camp, 4000 or a day’s rest.
    The hike to the Ganesh Himal Base Camp is not an easy one but you are defintely rewareded with the view. Some will prefer a day’s rest in the nun’s safe haven.
    Day 11 From Lungdang to Chumling 2386m
    Day 12 From Chumling to Lokpa. Crossing of the Shyar Khola and uphill to Lokpa.
    Day 13 From Lokpa to Dhoban, 1070m
    Day 14 From Dhoban to Lapu Bensi, 880m
    Day 15 From Lapu Bensi to  Arughat
    Day 16 From  Arughat to Kathmandu by vehicle


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    Take advantage of our discounts on all Langtang treks to discover this valley taking you up to the foothills of the snowy peaks.


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