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A genuine pilgrimage to the most sacred sites of Tibet,  all the way from Lhassa to the Tibetan border.

Meet the Tibetan people and learn about their culture and traditions.

Visit the immense monasteries where monks face each other for vocal battles of philosophical topics. The Potala Palace and its treasures.Meet the pilgrims around the Jokhang. 

Visit Tibet for memories of a lifetime!

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April to November


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Day 1 Flight from Kathmandu to Gongar, Tsetang.
Flight to Gongar, you will fly over the Himalayas.
Transfer to Tsetang.
Day 2 From Tsetang to Samye and Lhassa.
Transfer to the Yarlung Tsangpo’s basin. Visit Samye transfer to Potala.
Day 3 Visit the  Potala Palace and Sera.
The Potala Palace is the most important structure in Tibet, it is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has never suffered from any serious damage.
Day 4 Visit  Drepung, Jokhang and the Menzikhang.
Visit Drepung, a monastery perched on a a cliff 8 km away from Lhassa.
Menzikhang, the tibetan medicine center of Lhassa.
Discover the Jhokang at the heart of Lhassa !
Day 5 Excursion to Ganden.
Day 6 From Lhassa to Tsurphu.
Trasnfer towards the North West till Tsurphu, 4500m.
Tsurphu was founded in 1187
Day 7 rom Lhassa to Gyantse
Car ride through arid landscapes and into Gyantse’s green valley.
Day 8 From Gyantse to Shigatse
Till the 1950’s Gyantse was on the way of the yak and horse caravans that travelled from Lhassa to Sikkhim !
Transfer to Shigatse 3900m, the second most important city of Tibet and the capital of the Tsang region.
Day 9 From Shigatse to Shakya
In the morning, stroll through Shigatse’s market where Nomads come to stock up on goods. We hit the road and cross a 4200m pass and the Yulung La at 4950m and from there a rough road to the Shakya monastery.
Day 10 From Shakya to  Rongbuk
Fabulous view of Mt.Everest.
Day 11 Excursion to the Base Camp and back to Tingri
At the end of the plane you can reach the Everest Base Camp, 5200m. And from there road to Tingri.
Day 12

From Tingri to Zhangmu

If the weather is clear you will have an incredible view of Everest.

Day 13 From Zhangmu to Kathandu (300kms)

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