Visa Permit

( Votree Arrivee) Your Arrival:

–   Nepal Visa

  • Trekking permit
  • Documents GST requires to organize your travels

Nepal Visa

A visa is obligatory to enter Nepal, unless you are an Indian national.

You may obtain your visa upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport, it is also possible to get it at the India-Nepal border check posts.

You will need , your passport with a minimum of 6 months validity, 1 i.d photo and:

15 days stay: 25 USD

30 days stay: 40 USD

90 days stay: 100 USD

Visa extensions for an extra 15 days will cost 30 USD, and 2 USD per day if your extension is over 15 days.

Your visa extension can be made at the Department of Immigration (link

You can also obtain a visa for Nepal from the Nepalese Embassy and Consulate in your country.

Check if you have a Nepalese embassy in your city or country by clicking  here ( link


Trekking Permits

If you chose  GST to help you organize you trek we will need the following from you to get your trekking permits made:

  • The photocopy of your passport, the bio-data page.
  • Everest and Langtang: 2 photos
  • Manaslu: 5 photos
  • Mustang: 4 photos
  • Nar-Phu: 4 photos
  • Annapurna: 2 photos
  • Other regions: 2 photos
  • If you chose to organize your trek on your own, you can get your permits made at the Nepal Tourism Board ( link


Information GST require from you


  • Insurance’s contract number and emergency phone number. Your insurance contract must cover : rescue by helicopter in mountainous terrain if you are trekking. If you are mountaineering the insurance should cover: search and rescue by helicopter in mountainous terrain.
  • Photocopy of your passport, the bio-data page.
  • Your arrival dates and plane ticket details to and from Kathmandu, in case you chose for GST to welcome you at the airport.
  • D photos as mentioned above.

Airpot Taxes

There is no more aiport taxes on the international flights.

However the domestic flights airport requires one of 170 Rupees ( 1.5 USD or  1.2 Euros)