Created in 1986 by Catherine Joriot, at that time a French national, and Dhruba K.C a nepali guide at the time, Glacier Safari Treks has been leading trekkers and travelers on Himalayan trails in Nepal, India, Tibet and Bhutan.

Glacier Safari Trek’s (GST) team formed over 30 years with a passion for trekking and sharing our love of the Himalayan region’s culture and environment.

Our team of guides, porters, cooks and managers take part in workshops regularly to help them evolve in their profession.


In 1992 our guides led the first group of French trekkers in Mustang. In 2008 with Nomade Aventure ( who we work with) GST lead the first trekkers in the Tsum valley.

Once a year we propose a discovery trek , an itinerary never done by GST to be discovered by you, lead by our experienced guides and porters. We offer a discount on this journey and in exchange ask for details , ideas and photos of your discovery for GST.


We enjoy being part of eccentric projects put forward by professional and passionate climbers. GST is glad to help you open new ways!

We can assist you to find the right itinerary as well as the logisitics up to the Base Camp or till the summit!


Because we really care to make everyone discover the best of  Nepal and the Himalayan region and we know that not everybody travels in the same manner we propose treks on classic trails , easy hikes ; the shortest being for a day, the longest a week. GST also organizes cultural tours with specialized guides.  Being in the Himalayan region we cannot go by without organising: rafting, canyoning, paragliding and cycling trips!  Through GST , you can chose a hotel for your stay in Nepal, from basic amenities , boutique hotels to 5 star hotels we make sure the hotels you will stay in are up to the standards they claim.
Nepal is also home to a large variety of fauna that includes , tigers, bears, rare birds, crocodiles, monkeys, deers and rare butterflies you can observe them in the national parks of Chitwan and Bardiya, which houses jungles and wetlands.