Dhruba’s retirement

After 35 years of work, Dhruba one of the agency’s director’s is retiring.
In the first years of opening the agency he worked as a guide and accompanied numerous Italian and swiss groups and has fond memories of those treks. Among all the treks he worked for as a guide he will never forget one in particular, a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp  with an Italian group where he came across numerous difficulties. As it was 30 years ago the trails were not clearly marked as they now, it was the month of August, grass had grown with the monsoon rains and heat on the main trail, Dhruba took a wrong turn and they walked for hours until finally they made it to right trail and to the village for the night. Soon after, the cook fell ill, leaving Dhruba to cook himself for the group of 9 Italians. But all is well that ends well , the group were enchanted with the trek and the delicious food of Dhurba.

Last week we had a gathering to wish Dhruba a happy retirement! All of the guides and office staff were present, even Francoise and Michel (the couple who are helping rebuild the houses of GST porters and guides’ villages with the help of Samdo Avenir.) Michel fell and managed to put two of his fingers in the cake to catch his fall !!!

Dhruba says he  will complete all the projects he had put aside while he was a director. GST wishes Dhruba a great retirement.