Dominique and Didier’s stay in Nepal with GST

Dominique and Didier’s stay in Nepal

Dominique and Didier’s got back from Nepal a few days ago and wanted to share their story about how they discovered Nagarkot and Bhaktapur

They have been funding Tashi Bhuti’s scholarship for 20 years thanks to the NGO Ecoliers du Monde

It is 2015 with the help of GST that they were first able to discover Nepal. They were visiting Thimi with Kishor an excellent cultural guide with incredible knowledge and passion for his country and its numerous cultures, and Pasang, a highly skilled and generous driver when destiny had in their hands and the devastating earthquake took place. They got back home safe and sound promising we would come back to spend time with our new friends and Tashi Bhuti. And so this year they came back to complete the journey we had begun. Seeing some of the old towns like Thimi that had been damaged by the quake, was emotional for us, but the smile of the Nepalese is so contagious, we quickly felt the joy and happiness of the people.
They discovered Nagarkot and Bhaktapur, and Didier did a 4-day trek in Jaman’s village, an excellent French-speaking guide from GST.
You must go to Nepal and discover all it has to offer!