Team GST in CROSS FIT Training

Team GST in CROSS-FIT Training

Team GST in CROSS-FIT Training, as the spring (March/April) season, came to the end and we are less busy, GST Management has provided an opportunity to for CROSS-FIT sessions at The Pump, a gym in Kathmandu which is located at Jhamsikhel in Patan. As it is the pioneer in such training in Nepal, we are excited to be there and get some techniques which could be used further when we don’t have time to go to such a gym.
Our classes include TABATA, one of the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) with NATALIA, and Cross-Fit with TONY with different kinds of weights including Kettle Bell, Dumbbell and others.
We believe that such training will enhance not only the physical strength but also the mental peace which is vital in the workplace. If we become healthier, our working efficiency and creativity will definitely go up and create a better result in the office.
Keeping in mind the saying that “Health is wealth.” We enjoy the training and we have been motivated to be healthy and fit as well.
Thanks to our Director Catherine who always supports and encourages us to be involved in such activities and to GST Management too.